About Me

Michał Banach

Photographer / Editor-in-chief

Michał Banach

My name is Michał Banach, professionally I’m the editor-in-chief of SmartAge.pl. I can safely say that I have so many interests that it is hard to list them all (some of them are history, military, technology and its development since the XIX century and marketing), but without doubt one of my greatest passions is photography, especially aviation photography.

I can say that I am always curious of the world, approach to life with positive distance and a lot of loose. I have a head full of ideas and I do not like to be bored, so every free moment I spend on doing something interesting. I like traveling, but taking me under the tent or camper will be difficult.

I began my adventure with camera in 2012, and in 2014 I visited my first airshow – Red Bull Air Race in Gdynia. From that moment on, I decided to develop my passion by visiting more air events in Poland. In 2017 I decided to go one step further and present my work more broadly on my own website (although some of the photos appeared earlier on SmartAge.pl and Flicker Gallery).

I’m leving in Poznan, so I often visit both Poznań-Ławica Airport (EPPO) and 31 Tactical Aviation Base in Krzesiny (EPKS). There are also short trips to the airport in Kobylnica (EPPK) as well as to other places. I like practically every kind of photography, but aviation is my favorite.

The first photos (long before 2012) I made my dad’s Minolta, later when the photography began to interest me more, it was time for Sony Alpha 77, which was replaced by Canon 6D, and later 5D Mark IV.